Reframing and Reshaping Our Work

“Afterschool programs can be at their best when utilizing social-emotional learning and youth development as contexts of development, and organized activities to support student learning and positively impact their academic achievement and personal growth.”

Michelle R. Perrenoud, 2012

Working in the fields of Organization Development consultation and Leadership Development, Capacity Building, and Coaching we focus on human performance strategies that help take organizations to the next level.  We provide guidance and support to leaders of organizations in reaching specific goals, objectives, and success including linking people, performance, and processes to business outcomes.

Much of our current work in organizations includes leadership, communications, and group dynamics, as well as, project management, team building, training and facilitation, presentation consulting, brand value, and performance coaching.

Executive, Individual, and Teams Coaching

Trusted Advisor providing results-oriented partnering through leadership assessment, training, and performance coaching to further develop signature strengths of executives and individual team members to be effective in their leadership, work, communications, and group dynamics.

Artful Facilitation:  Teambuilding, Training, and Retreats 

Managing training and meeting processes, creating opportunities for open communication, generation of ideas-solutions-alternatives, establishing core values and expectations, setting goals or objectives, brainstorming, group decision making, building consensus, formulating desired outcomes, increasing meeting effectiveness for teams, trainings, and retreats.

High Performing Partnerships

Creating and facilitating successful teams who lead strategically through good times, change, and transition.  Creating and maintaining a good working relationship between the Executive and the Board President and President-Elect is crucial for the year ahead and years to come.  Utilize personality assessment tools to help you understand how you can work together and work through differences other teams have faced while examining specific challenges and innovative solutions. 

Nonprofit Expertise & Capacity Building

Developing, designing, and delivering intensive capacity building curriculum and training workshop series for Executives, Board Presidents, and Board Members addressing: Governance Roles and Responsibilities; Board Development; Fund Development; Organizational Development; Strategic Planning; and the Staff/Volunteer Partnerships important for sustainability.

Developing, designing, and delivering staff development trainings and curriculum in the areas of:  Effective Communication, Understanding the Mission, Principle-Centered Leadership, Project Management, Relationships & Connections, Time Management, and Building High Performing Teams.

Project Management

Demonstrated ability to take projects from idea to implementation, large or small. 

Example:  Organized and coordinated over 150 of the most compelling “voices” on the issues surrounding youth and gang violence in community and the strategies addressing the issues. Additionally, produced through an innovative 41-hour cable television documentary series “Enough is Enough”.

Partial Client List

Alpert Jewish Community Center, Butte County Office of Education, Charter Communications, City of Long Beach - Commission on Youth & Children, First Congregational Church of Long Beach, Girl Scout Council of Greater Long Beach, Junior League of Long Beach, Long Beach City College, Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership, Long Beach Unified School District, PeaceBuilders, San Bernardino County Office of Education, Stanislaus County Office of Education and YMCA of Greater Long Beach to name a few.



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